Alien Boss

Alien Boss model, modelled and textured in Modo and Photoshop.

Alien Boss Soldado Insecto

Wireframe & Variations

Insecto Soldado WireInsecto Soldado Variaciones

Insect 1 Insect 3

Alien Drones

Alien Drone 2 Alien Drone 2 Alien Drone 3 Alien Drone 1

Insect "Crab"

Crab WireSpud

Insector V1

"Don't Feed the Plant!"

Don't Feed the Plant



Napalman 01

Napalman 02

Hi-Poly Prop & Assets


Radiador 01Radiador 02


El Fanático

El Fanatico El Fanatico

El Fanatico

El Fanatico

El FanaticoEl FanaticoEl FanaticoEl FanaticoEl FanaticoEl Fanatico

My first normal mapped model!


4700 polygons and two maps of 1024x1024 (diffuse & specular). I did this model when Doom3 was released.


Frez Frez Phantom Phantom

Armas Low PolyBarriles

Flesh Golem

Flesh Golem

RTS Skeletons RTS SkeletonsCastillo

Pocket Monster Jumpi!

Mudbox VampireMudbox Vampire

Crocoplus Cráneo

Alien N11Caballo Ajedrez



Another Old-School model i did a long time ago. 5200 polygons in total, and textures of 1024 and 512 pixels.

Tecno Viper

Some RTS models i did for a competition too many years ago, in my beginnings.